Consulting Service I

  1. Consulting Services - review of your information for compliance with applicable regulations and policies to determine which endorsements you qualify for.
  2. Application submittal; review required documents and prepare for submittal to the USCG for review and approval.
  3. Representation as an authorized Third Party representative during the application process and review by the U.S. Coast Guard.
  4. Assist in the organization of your critical mariner documentation; MMC, TWIC, Medical Certificate, Training Certificates, Sea Service documentation.
  5. Provide a written report listing all critical expiration dates and upcoming training requirements or administrative requirements in order to maintain your current level of endorsements.
  6. Storage of all critical data and information.

Note: above fee does not include any required Coast Guard application user fees.

Consulting Service II

  1. Upon request, will provide representation in order to file reconsideration or appeal request to the U.S. Coast Guard as a result of any action being taken in response to your application or your ability to retain your endorsements.
  2. Review of information pertaining to an application, which has already been submitted, but is being denied by the U.S. Coast Guard.

File Storage and Notification Service

(Fee to paid on annual basis)

  1. Maintain and store critical data and information in a secure online database.
  2. Provide copies of critical data upon request for employment or any other requests.
  3. Notify you of upcoming expiration dates and steps required to comply with current USCG regulations and policies.

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